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Discussion started by Wesley , on 01 March 01:52 PM

Hey friend,

Great news....

Today, we are accepting entrants for the eleventh Surefire Trading Challenge, which starts on the 15th March. It is the largest independent Forex competition in the world.

It is the only competition where:

- It costs nothing to enter
- You don't need to buy anything
- You don't need to pay for anything
- It's open to anyone
- There is $22,100 up for grabs


Did you know that Rover North from www.rovernorthforexsystem.com was our last champion? Could you be the next Rover North?

Over 1200 traders took part in our last competition and it was a resounding success. This competition is not about being first, it's about taking part in something that will make you a better trader.

There isn't one person who took part in the last competition who didn't benefit or do better by being involved. Just by taking part, you are showing a commitment to something.

Remember, it costs nothing to take part but here's  what you could receive just by getting involved:

1st  Place - $10,000
2nd  Place - $5,000
3rd  Place - $3,000
4th  Place - $2,000
5th  Place - $1,000
6th  Place - $500
7th  Place - $300
8th  Place - $100
9th  Place - $100
10th Place - $100

Do you have what it takes...

OK, here's the short version of the rules. There are two rounds. The first is a demo round where everyone trades a demo account for one month. The top 20 from that round go through to the live round where you will be given a $1,000 live account to trade. The first round starts on March the 15th.

Look out for my next update!

P.S. This competition was the star of Rover North's trading career, it could be the start of yours too!

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